2015 Club Members and Representatives List

We would like to thank these clubs and courses for
their continuing support of our organization. 

Please email our Membership Director for questions regarding club or representative membership status.


Course rating for women is a service provided without charge to current MWGA member clubs. If your course needs to be rated for women, we are the association to contact. Email the MWGA Course Rating Director  to get started!

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about our MWGA club members and partners in women's golf.

Club Member - 2015

MWGA Club Representative

MWGA Host Site HIstory

Aberdeen Golf Club Ann Dollarhide  
Algonquin Golf Club Cissy LeGear Amateur (1936, 1975)
Alvamar Country Club    
Bear Creek Valley Golf Club Nancie Duncan Two Lady Scramble (2010)
Bill and Payne Stewart Golf Course    
Boone Valley Golf Club    
Briarbrook Golf Course Tammy Thomas Amateur (1993)
Cassville Golf Club    
Charleston Country Club Jane Young  

Columbia Country Club
Host - 2015 Two Lady Scramble

Phyllis Hardin Two Lady Scramble (2000, 2002, 2015)

Crown Pointe Golf Club
Host - 2015 Junior Championship

  Junior (2015)

Dalhousie Golf Club
Host - USGA Women's State Team

Ann Dombrowski  
Eagle Creek Golf Club Beth Parmley  
Fairview Golf Course Judy Wisneski  
Hickory Hills Country Club Julie Schaefer Amateur (1949, 1959, 1976, 1999)
Fore State (2005)
Highland Springs Country Club Kay Probstfield  
Horton Smith Golf Course    
Indian Foothills Golf Club Olive Malter  
Keith Memorial Golf Course Donna Morgan  

Lakewood Oaks Country Club
Host - 2015 Mid Amateur Championship

  Junior (1997)
Senior (2004)
Amateur (2005)
Mid Amateur (2015)
Ledgestone Country Club CeCe Layton Fore State (2010)
Loutre Shore Country Club Barb Holdener  
Malden Country Club Sally Dirks  
Maryville Country Club Rita Poppa  
Meadow Lake Acres Country Club Pam Knoll Senior (2002)
Two Lady Scramble (2005, 2012)
Meadowbrook Country Club Gail Schultz Amateur (1960, 2007)
Mexico Country Club Amanda Sells  

Millwood Golf and Racquet Club
Host 2015 Senior Championship

Christi Blasi Amateur (2003)
Two Lady Scramble (2011)
Senior (2015)
Moila Country Club Beverly Hopkins Amateur (1961, 1968)
Mozingo Lake Golf Course    
Norwood Hills Country Club Pat Fuqua Amateur (1939,1954,1985)
Senior (2000)
Junior (2011)
Oak Meadow Country Club    
Oakwood Country Club Lisa Block  
Old Kinderhook Golf Club Susie Martin Amateur (2013)
Two Lady Scramble
(2006, 2014)
Old Warson Country Club Julie Spitzfader  
Osage National Golf Course Marsha Rheinaecker  
Perryville Country Club    
Persimmon Woods Golf Club Lynn Winterrose Senior (2006)
Sedalia Country Club Sherry Kempton Amateur (1990)
Senior (2003, 2014)
Junior Girls Four State (1995, 2012)
Silo Ridge Country Club   Senior (2005)
Springfield Golf and Country Club Pat Hutton  
Stone Canyon Golf Club    
Stone Hedge Golf Club Olive Malter  
Sunset Country Club Monica Covington Amateur (1965 )
Tanglewood Golf Course    
Tan Tar A Resort Golf Club & Spa Perry Wergin  
The Club at Old Hawthorne Naomi Cupp Amateur (2009)
The Country Club of Missouri Julie Powers Amateur (1978, 1983, 2004)
Junior Girls Four State (1991)
Mid Amateur (2013)

The Country Club of St. Albans
Host - 2015 Amateur Championship

Diane Chancellor Junior (1996)
Amateur (2002, 2015)
The Golf Club at Creekmoor Nancy McWilliams Junior ( 2010)
Amateur  (2014)
The Lodge of the Four Seasons Nathan Arnold  
Twin Hills Golf & Country Club Donna Hicks Amateur (1951, 1957, 1964, 1973,1980)
Senior (1999, 2012)
Junior (1995)
Fore State (2013)
Twin Oaks Country Club Mary Skiles Amateur (1966)
Westwood Country Club   Amateur (1958)
WingHaven Country Club Wendy Smuda Two Lady Scramble (2009)
Junior (2014)
Winterstone Golf Course Karen Shippy Two Lady Scramble (2007)