2015 Scholarship Recipients

Presented at the Junior Championship by Scholarship Director Kathy Glennon
during the Junior Championship at Crowne Pointe Golf Course, June 11th, 2015

The MWGEA awarded $10,000 in Scholarships in 2015!! It is truly amazing.  The MWGEA can not express our heart felt thanks enough to our donors.
Those donors are mostly our MWGA members. You are the BEST!

Kathryn Scheffe

Among other accomplishments

  • Individual District Champion 2014
  • Team District Champions 2013, 2014
  • Varsity golf and track
  • Member of All District Choir
  • Very active in other local tournaments and organizations
  • 3.51 GPA


An excerpt from Kathryn’s essay……“Along the way I learned that golf has a humbling effect on you when you least expect it. As in life, tough times will happen on the course and you have to be prepared to persevere.”

Hadley Barnett

Among other accomplishments

  • District Champion
  • Member of the All-District Team
  • Member of multiple clubs and organizations
  • Competed in basketball and golf
  • National Honor Society
  • Ranked #1 in her graduating class
  • 3.98 GPA

Mariah Peters

Among other accomplishments

  • Class 2 State Individual and Team Champion 2014
  • All Sectional, District, and Conference four years
  • Four State Team Member 2012
  • Tutor for younger children
  • Ranked 2nd out of 600 in her graduating class
  • 4.0 GPA

An excerpt from Mariah’s essay……“Hard working and kind are two words that have been used to describe me. I have learned how to be each of these things through the amazing game of golf. I have learned that through working hard to reach your goals anything is possible.”

Hannah Householder

Among other accomplishments

  • Competed in Class 1 State three years
  • Performed over 200 hours of community service
  • All Conference Team 2014
  • Ranked 5th out of 196 students
  • 3.96 GPA

An excerpt from Hannah’s essay……“I am a very dedicated, hardworking, and a positive person. Throughout my golf career I have grown in all of these areas because of the challenges that I had to overcome on and off the course.”

Taylor Hayes

Among other accomplishments

  • Class 1 All-State Team four years
  • Class 2, District 2 Champion four years
  • Member of multiple extracurricular activities
  • Volunteered for many organizations (Special Olympics etc.)
  • 3.96 GPA

An excerpt from Taylor’s essay……“Golf has taught me a great deal about the necessity of patience and good sportsmanship. Golf is a game that puts your character to the test with every shot. You can’t beat the game of golf, only play it to the best of your ability.”

Madison Dillon

Among other accomplishments

  • Participated in Northwest Jr Golf League
  • Member of many extracurricular activities
  • National Honor Society President
  • Volunteers with United Way, Red Cross and Special Olympics
  • 3.99 GPA

An excerpt from Madison’s essay……“The game of golf not only involves using your physical strengths, but it also engages the mind. It has made me a stronger and more confident in my math and reasoning skills.”

Lauren Goeke

Among other accomplishments

  • Started golfing at 10
  • National Honor Society Member
  • Member of multiple school clubs
  • DECA State Qualifier 2014
  • All-District 2014
  • Varsity soccer and golf member
  • 4.0 GPA

An excerpt from Lauren’s essay……“To me, each person has value and it is my responsibility to be positive with everyone and treat each person with respect, whether it’s on the golf course or not. I constantly strive to integrate my beliefs with my actions..”

Kelsy Temple

Among other accomplishments

  • Participated in SMJGA, MGA, MWGA, and the Accelerated Tour
  • All-State Honors two years
  • Involved in multiple clubs and organizations
  • National Honor Society member
  • In the top 10% of her class
  • 3.978 GPA

An excerpt from Kelsy’s essay……“Golf teaches us integrity, sportsmanship, temperament, and so much more. If you can’t respect the game and others that play the game, then how can you respect yourself? If you can’t be honest on the course, how are you expected to be honest out and about in the rest of the world? This game gives us qualities that will not take us only to the next step in our life, but every step to finish it out.”

Keely Temple

Among other accomplishments

  • Participated in SMJGA, MGA, MWGA, and the Accelerated Tour
  • All-State Honors 2014
  • Completed over 75 hours of community service each year
  • Volunteers for many organizations and groups
  • National Honor Society Member
  • 3.939 GPA

An excerpt from Keely’ essay……“Golf has given me the basics to apply all the things my parents have taught me growing up. For example: how to have integrity, or be slow too anger. We all know that’s a big one.”

Congratulations to each recipient!

  MWGA appreciates our generous MWGEA Donors