Become an MWGA Rules Official!


Become an MWGA Rules Official!

Why do we need rule officials?

At our tournaments, it is the rules official’s job to make sure the game is played by the rules so everyone will be on the same playing field.  We help players decide questions of fact in regards to playing under the Rules of Golf.  Anyone that plays golf regularly knows the basics of the Rules of Golf.  Our job is to help them when they don’t!

What do rules officials do?

If you can use a radio, you can be a rules official!  MWGA tries to have six officials for each tournament-  three per side. Each official usually takes a zone of three holes and travels among those three holes helping to search for lost balls, keeping pace of play moving, and giving rulings when necessary.  If the official is unsure of a ruling, she usually calls on the radio and the head rules official helps her decide what the appropriate action should be.

We would love for our rules officials to attend a three day rules seminar given by the USGA every year during the winter and spring at various locations throughout the United States.  MWGA provides money for the cost of the rules workshop for the Rules Director. Transportation and housing are paid for by the volunteer.

How do I find out more?

Being a rules official is really lots of fun!  You get to be out on the course, watching play and meeting all the players. Rules officials are a player’s friend and we strive to let everyone know that we are there to help, not hinder their golf game.  If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the MWGA Office at 573.636.8994

If you're interested in becoming an MWGA rules official,  please contact us by phone or email!