Bernice Edlund Award

2014 Bernice Edlund Award
Mrs. Carol Fromuth, Chesterfield, MO

2014 Presentation

Since 1952, the Bernice Edlund Award has been presented annually to a Missouri Women's Golf Association member who has promoted the aims of the association and set an ideal standard of conduct by her devotion to golf, demeanor on the golf course, strict observance of the rules and etiquette of the game and demonstrated a high degree of sportsmanship.   


2014   Mrs. Carol Fromuth   Independent
2013   Miss Karen Shippy   Winterstone Golf Course
2012   Miss Marcella Rose   Norwood Hills Country Club
2011   Mrs. Ellen Port    Fox Run Golf Club
2010   Mrs. Ginny Orthwein   St. Louis Country Club
2009   Mrs. Karen Johnson   The Club at Old Hawthorne
2008   Mrs. Cissy LeGear   Algonquin
2007   Mrs. Olive Malter   Indian Foothills
2006   Mrs. Pat Plummer   Lake Forest
2005   Ms. Flora Mitchell   Stewart
2004   Mrs. MaryAnnBeattie   St. Albans
2003   Mrs. Nancy Walther   Norwood Hills
2002   Mrs. Ronnie Burg   Persimmon Woods
2001   Mrs. Shirley Graham   Norwood Hills
2000   Mrs. Johnie Imes   Columbia
1999   Mrs. Christie Greene   Hickory Hills
1998   Mrs. Nancy Lewis   Columbia
1997   Mrs. Sue Herndon   Shadow Glen
1996   Mrs. Pat Will   New Melle Lakes
1995   Mrs. Donna Howard   Sedalia Country Club
1994   Mrs. Shelley Kirkland   St. Albans
1993   Mrs. Stephany Wood   Hickory Hills
1992   Mrs. Jayne Watson   Greenbriar Hills
1991   Mrs. Pat Weber   Norwood Hills
1990   Mrs. Marvin Deckert   Blue Springs
1989   Mrs. James Marston   St.Joseph
1988   Mrs. Errol Taylor   St. Joseph
1987   Mrs. Fred Hulse   Country Club of Missouri
1986   Mrs. Walter Hoffman   Hickory Hills
1985   Mrs. Waldo Forsman   Sunset
1984   Mrs. Edward Barker   Algonquin
1983   Mrs. Keith Chader   Hillcrest
1982   Mrs. Forrest Brutsman   Cherry Hills
1981   Mrs. Lynette Martin Chrenka   Glen Echo
1980   Mrs. William Wear   Hickory Hills
1979   Mrs. Tom Reck   St. Joseph
1978   Miss Mary Jane Landreth   Twin Hills
1977   Mrs. Edward Owen   Lebanon
1976   Mrs. Joe Whipple   Twin Oaks
1975   Mrs. William B. Parshall   Westborough
1974   Mrs. Karen Schull MacGee   Brookridge
1973   Mrs. Mahlon Aldridge   Columbia
1972   Mrs. Daniel Lynch   Sunset
1971   Mrs. Barbara Bubany Berkmeyer   Norwood Hills
1970   Mrs. Jimmy Thomas   Twin Hills
1969   Mrs. Thomas Lake   Cherry Hills
1968   Mrs. Harold Bingham   Milburn
1967   Mrs. Dewey Urban   Sikeston
1966   Mrs. Fred Faurot   Columbia
1965   Mrs. Kenneth E. Cox   Milburn
1964   Mrs. Ralph W. Bennett   Oak Meadow
1963   Mrs. J. Paul Leslie   Jefferson City
1962   Mrs. Eric Williamson   Mission Hills
1961   Mrs. Richard S. Duncan   St. Joseph
1960   Mrs. Joe H. Merchant   Blue Hills
1959   Mrs. Robert Thornton   Sikeston
1958   Mrs. Mary Gail Cassett Dalton   Westwood
1957   Mrs. Everett Dobbs   Twin Hills
1956   Mrs. Alfred Goldman   Westwood
1955   Mrs. Lloyd H. Smith   Milburn
1954   Mrs. W. F. Anderson   Westborough
1953   Mrs. True Davis   St. Joseph
1952   Miss Marian Gault   Indian Hills