Frequently Asked Questions about online entry

All entries for MWGA Championships and the Two Lady Scramble Tournament will open in the early spring of each year.  You will then be able to enter any event online as well as by mail.  The following information is to assist you in the online entry process via the USGA Tournament Pairing Program TPP OnlineWe encourage each player to enter our events online, as mailed entries will have to be hand entered into the system and will take longer to process.  We think you'll find the online entry process simple and that the possibility of mistakes or misinformation will now be kept to a minimum.  If you do encounter any issues or problems when attempting to enter a tournament, we ask that you call our office at 573-636-8994 for assistance.

Who can enter an MWGA event?

All entrants will need to join MWGA as a member to compete in our events (*with the exception of Juniors) .  Each event has specific eligibility requirements listed on each entry form.  Go to Tournament Eligibility for more information.
    *Juniors will still need to set up their "player profile", so these instructions will help you too!

What do I need to do to enter an MWGA tournament online or by mail?

  1. You will need to go to our website at .
  2. *At the top of the home page on the navigation bar, under "Competitions", you will find "Championship Schedule - Enter Here".  Click to open the current Competition Schedule page.
    * You may also enter the TTP Online system at any time by clicking on the "Quick link to TPP Online)
  3. Choose the event you wish to enter, and click on “VIEW”.  This will send you to the event's entry form and information page.  You will have an option to enter online or by mail.  Please read the tournament information carefully before entering any event.
  • To enter online:  Click "enter online".  You will be directed to a page to develop your player profile.   If you are already a paid member and have already set up your profile, you can enter your log in information and proceed.    If you have not paid your current year membership dues, you can do so at this time. (this will show as a separate transaction) and set up your profile to enter the event.   (Once you have your profile set up, you can add the log in page to your browser's "favorites" so that you can access the events without going through the website.)
  • To enter by mail:  Click "enter by mail" and a PDF entry form will open and you may print the entry, fill it out in it's entirety and mail it to the MWGA office.

What credit cards may I use to enter a tournament online?
    TPP Online utilizes a secure server and will accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover or a Debit Card.

I entered my player profile information and I'm having a problem.. Who do I contact for help?
   Please call our office at 573-636-8994 and Ms. Karen Raithel or our MWGA Boatwright Intern will assist you.

How will I be notified that I have been accepted into the event?
    You will receive an email with information regarding the status of your entry.

How will I find out who I'm paired with or who else is playing in the event?
    Log in to TPP Online and you will be able to view the player list and pairings when they become available.  During the tournament, you can see scores for each round as well!

I've moved and need to change my address or update my email address.  How do I do this?
    Go to the TPP Online log in area and you can choose to see the event schedule, your transaction history, which events you're registered for,  and edit your profile information.  You can also upload a photo of yourself so that we can get to know you better!  (Keeping this information correct and current helps us keep you informed all throughout the year, so please update your profile in the event of any changes.)

Will I have to do this every year?
    No.  Once you have set up your profile, you will be ready to go.  Next year, you'll just need to make sure your profile has current information and that your membership dues have been paid.

Please call 573-636-8994 for entry assistance, if needed.