Join an MWGA Course Rating Team!

Why do we need course raters?

There is an urgent need for Missouri course ratersMWGA is responsible for rating women's tees at all courses outside the Kansas City and St. Louis proper areas.  Courses need to be rated every ten years or less if changes have been made to the course which would determine changes in the course rating.  A new course also  must be rated every three years for the first ten years then they move into the ten year rotation unless significant course changes have been made.  The rating is a free service for courses that are MWGA Club Members ($75.00 per year).  If a course does not wish to join MWGA, the charge for rating is $500 plus expenses (which can average $1200 for transportation and lodging of a rating team). 

What do course rating teams do?

MWGA has course rating teams whose responsibilities are course rating of women's tees.  The number of women's tees is determined by the length of the tees.  We rate tees whose total length is under 6000 yards (or more if a specific request is made by the course to rate another tee).  This means that we rate two to three tee boxes normally.   Course Rating teams may have either three or four members.  To become a course rater, one needs to participate in a Course Rating Seminar which basically covers the procedures involved in rating or one may learn their rating skills by performing actual ratings with a rating team whose team leader has successfully completed a Course Rating Seminar.  We think it is important that all members of a rating team eventually have participated in a Course Rating Seminar.  To perform a course rating, each member of the rating team has their Course Rating Manual, their Form 1 on which the gathered information is written, and various measuring tools.  The actual rating will take a minimum of four hours to accumulate all the needed information.  We request that courses provide two golf carts for the team, a light lunch, and then a round of actual play on the course to see if any numbers need to be changed after play.  The Form 1s are then returned to the Course Rating Director and the results are entered into the USGA Rating Program after which the slope and rating is calculated.

How urgent is the need for course raters?

The MWGA presently has three rating teams and is currently adding a fourth.  There is a team in the south west portion of the state, one that covers courses north of I-70 and the third covers the bootheel area of the state.  A fourth rating team is being added to cover the Lake of the Ozarks area courses. There are actually 52 courses to be scheduled for rating, and we have completed four so far, two have deferred, so we have 46 left to rate this year.Normally, the MWGA will rate 12-15 courses per year, but due to recent economic factors and a renewed push for updating past due slope ratings of Missouri courses, we now have an urgent need for course raters.

How do I find out more about becoming a course rater?

Course Rating is great fun and enables the rater the opportunity to provide a necessary service to the course as well as getting to play following the rating procedure if desired.  If you are interested in becoming an MWGA Course Rater, please contact Mrs. Peg Eddy at

Contact Mrs. Peg Eddy, MWGA Course Rating Director