Scholarship Application

The Missouri Women’s Golf Association, Inc. grants scholarships to high school students on one occasion per high school graduate. These are given in recognition of her overall academic record, community service activities, leadership and golf experience.

If you are already receiving a full collegiate scholarship, you are not eligible. The value of the award alone or in combination with other aid shall not exceed the value of a full grant-in-aid.

Disbursement of the scholarship will be made directly to the college or university for the recipient’s educational expenses when she attends that institution. The choice of institution shall not be restricted by this Association.

Scholarship Criteria

  • Applicant must be a female residing in the state of Missouri or in Johnson County, Kansas.
  • Applicant must be a United States citizen.

Application Criteria

1. Complete the Missouri Women’s Golf Scholarship Application form.
2. Include a copy of your official high school transcript , including the fall semester.
3. Please provide two (2) letters of recommendation, choosing one (1) each from the following categories:
     a. High school coach , outside Junior Program Director or Golf Instructor
     b. High school teacher, counselor or principal
4. Include a statement of involvement in golf; MWGA, MSHAA and other organizations.
5. Submit a statement of involvement in community and school activities. Include any local, state or national honors / awards.
6. Submit a statement indicating your future field of study and educational path to success in that area.
7. Include a statement of your future goals pertaining to golf: College, Professional, Coach, Amateur, etc.
8. Written by the applicant, 1/2 page essay (typed and double spaced) based on the criteria: What qualities make me an excellent candidate for this scholarship?
9. A short statement of financial need in paying for your continuing education.

The complete application and all supporting documents must be typed and postmarked by the second Saturday in March.  

Please send all application documents (including letters of recommendation) in the same envelope to:

Missouri Women's Golf Association
Att: Scholarship Director
P.O. Box 104164
Jefferson City, MO  65110
Email Address:


The application is executible and may be filled out on your computer.  Please save it as a document on your drive, print it out and sign it to submit by mail. 

If you are having difficulties filling out the form, print it out and type your information in the fields. Do not handwrite the information.
Updated Page 10/26/2015