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The purpose of this Association shall be to promote amateur golf among the women of Missouri and Johnson County, Kansas by providing educational, social and recreational opportunities; by encouraging the development of sportsmanship, amateurism and skill in the game of golf; to provide for an Annual Amateur, Senior and Junior Championship Tournaments; to sponsor any other events or tournaments deemed feasible; and to engage from time to time in charitable undertakings related generally to this purpose.


Any club in the state of Missouri or Johnson County, Kansas may be admitted to membership upon payment of the annual membership dues.


Our association offers these services to current members clubs:

  • Free Course Rating Services for Women
  • Free Golf Course Promotion by linking your website on our club list
  • Free Seminars on the Rules of Golf
  • Free Seminars on Equitable Stroke Control for the proper posting of scores
  • Other golf related seminars requested by our member clubs


Established in 1998, The Missouri Women’s Golf Education Association is a nonprofit tax-exempt organization whose main purpose is to raise funds to award a one time $1500 scholarship to graduating senior girls. We award up to four scholarships annually. We also are privileged to grant two $1500 scholarships from the Shepherd Foundation, given annually in memory of Susan E. Shepherd. Through the years we have awarded in excess of $75,000 in scholarships with monies derived from investments and generous tax-deductible member donations.