Clone of 2015 Bernice Edlund Award Recipient

Pat Fuqua
St Louis, MO

Recipient of the 2015 Bernice Edlund Award

To all Bernice Edlund  Award Recipients  -  I would like to thank everyone who voted for me and those who put my name up for nomination.  I was shocked and humbled by this honor.  My membership  in the MWGA has been a source of great pleasure and I am very thankful to the late Pat Weber who asked me and other Norwood Hills members to join MWGA. 

Thanks you again for this honor.     Pat Fuqua

Since 1952, the Bernice Edlund Award has been presented annually to a Missouri Women's Golf Association member who has promoted the aims of the association and set an ideal standard of conduct by her devotion to golf, demeanor on the golf course, strict observance of the rules and etiquette of the game and demonstrated a high degree of sportsmanship.    During the Senior Championship held at Millwood Golf & Racquet Club, Pat Fuqua was presented the Bernice Edlund Award by Marcella Rose.  Without question, this year's Bernice Edlund Award recipient has shown these qualities and as this essay will show, embodies the true spirit of this award.  The Missouri Women's Golf Association is proud to congratulate Pat Fuqua for this recognition.

Pat Will asked us to help with her rules assignment today so Pat Fuqua and I drove down last night after my volleyball match at McCluer H.S.  I want to thank Pat for accompanying me and helping with rules today.  I also inherited this I didn’t expect.  Pat Will nominated this person for the Bernice Edlund Award for 2015. She was voted upon and selected as our representative for this year.  Pat will was also supposed to handle THIS presentation.   So here goes.

This golfer, as a member of the rules committee at her club, happily participates in weekly rules discussions, question and answer sessions, and clinic demonstrations.  Attending various USGA/PGA rules seminars over the years she keeps her rules knowledge at a level where volunteering to serve as an official for local tournaments and qualifying events is not a problem, but is welcomed.  Her wide array of experiences serves her club, the District, and State as a resource and knowledgeable guide for new chairpersons as to what was done and how to proceed currently.  Joining her club in 1974, she worked her way up to being Chairman of her Association in 1989.  Of the 20 plus committee jobs offered she only missed serving on three.... husband and wife, scrapbook, and treasurer.

As her club’s New Member Coordinator, she welcomes new prospects, notifies them as handicaps allow them to join the District; calls and writes them to urge their participation in District and State events.  A District member since 1978, she consistently held positions of District New Member Coordinator, Director, and Representative.  Joining the Missouri State in 1985, at various times, she has played in the State Amateur, Senior, and 2-Girl.  Home issues have limited her participation recently.   Coming from a family of 2 sisters, Susie in California, Nancy in St. Peters, a brother John of St. Louis County, and Mike who passed away; she spends her time watching over them with her Husband Collins who she met while working at McDonald Douglas.  I’m sure glad she didn’t continue with her first job in a dentist’s office.  Can you imagine having her hands in your mouth?

Along with Shirley Graham who started the Missouri Scholarship idea; sharing Chair and Co-Chair assignments with Shirley and Peggy Linsin, she has repeatedly raised funds for Missouri State golfers every year as the MWEGA builds; always trying to match or surpass the previous year’s total.

Here are Pat Will’s reasons for nominating Pat Fuqua......When I first became a board member of the MWGA in 1992, she introduced herself and told me she would help in any way.  Being the executive secretary at the time I indeed call on Pat for information, mainly about Norwood.  She always had the answer, if not, she got it quickly and responded to me.  She has shown her ability to accept and perform volunteer work for the MWGA.  At the Senior conducted at Norwood in 2000, Pat organized the volunteers, spotters, caddies, and runners for the scoreboard.....she was there every day with her list in hand and volunteers by her side.  She was always ready with another volunteer just in case we needed more eyes on a hole....she was terrific.

Pat has a wonderful sense of humor....I love to tease her.  She and I attended a workshop on course rating held by Jayne Watson at the Bluffs many years ago.  She and I were totally lost from day one, hour 1.  She and I agreed we were not cut out for that volunteer job but I always ask her when will she be ready to rate a course with me.....and we have a good laugh.  Lord only knows what we would do if we really had to rate a course. 

Her work for MWGA at Norwood is a classic example of what a rep should be.  If we could bottle that dedication and enthusiasm and distribute it to our club reps, we would have a great network. She has been the club rep at Norwood or many years.  She knows her job and she knows her people.  She also plays in events for MWGA when she can.  As we all age, we find that we just cannot play multiple days in a row...and we also have spouses that require more attention....and that is where Pat finds herself these days....but for many years she was a player and continues to be in the 2 lady scramble each year.

To me she is that ideal golfer; knows how to play the game; respects the game of golf and the players; knows the rules of golf etiquette and firmly abides by them; knows her personal limitations and has adjusted to them; displays that wonderful sense of humor when it matters....when a situation occurs that requires a delicate but fair solution.

I would like to add....Pat truly enjoys people and mixing socially.  I’ve never heard a bad word said about her or of her speaking negatively of others.  Anyone who meets her comes away with a positive impression they are well liked and accepted.

Please greet your 2015 Bernice Edlund Award winner.....Pat Fuqua from Norwood Hills C.C.

Marcella Rose presenting the Bernice Edlund Award to Pat Fuqua: